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Automotive House,

Grays place 2nd Floor East,

Slough SL2 5AF

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🚉 Slough 🚶7 min walk


Have you met Jess and rubal?

If you are loud and creative you will fit right in, as Jess's passion in theatre and performing arts and Rubal's in contemporary and visual art is what drives us to succeed!

If you are not loud or creative at all, not to worry, the team needs the silent ninjas to complete the mission.

We pride ourselves on our innovative culture and teamwork, which has led us as a business to expand internationally. Although Rubal is now located in France and Jess in London, we still remain so close and more advantageous than ever!

 We hope you loved our website and are interested to find out more about the opportunity in person. Looking forward to meeting you!

Image de Augustine Wong

Such an amazing place to work. Lots of fun, great people, fantastic mentoring & networking. An amazing opportunity for those looking to take charge of their future

Mohamed Aden